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Kingsong 14D VS Gotway Mten3

Apr 15,2022

Kingsong 14D

The ks14d is equipped with a powerful 800-watt motor, light-sensitive LED lights, quad Bluetooth speakers, and a battery that can take you over 24 miles.Meanwhile,with fast charging and overcharge protection, the King Song 14D only needs to wait about 80 to 90 minutes to be fully charged.

Gotway Mten3

A little smaller than most EUC, with an inflated wheel size of just 10 inches, MTen3 can quickly reach a top speed of 25 miles per hour, depending on the rider's weight. It runs on a 512Wh battery, takes 4 hours on a single charge, can travel 22 miles to carry a rider up to 220 pounds, and is capable of spanning an average of about 20 degrees lean angle across the country.

Parameter Comparison

kingsong 14D

Gotway Mten3


14" x 2.125"(width) 10" x 3"(width)


24.9 miles 22 miles

Top Speed

18.6 mph 25 mph


800W 800W


420Wh 512Wh

Charging Time

3.5 hrs 4 hrs

Max Upslope

30 degree 20 degree


32 lbs 22 lbs

Max Load

265 lbs 220 lbs

Gotway Mten3


  • Portable, this is the only euc that fits into a standard canvas backpack.
  • When folded, this 22-pound euc can be easily carried to the bus or train.
  • It can be easily stored under a desk or in a utility closet.


  • No cart handle.
  • Not suitable for long distance travel due to its small size.
  • Poor riding experience for riders weighing over 200 lbs.

Kingsong 14D


  • The unicycle is ergonomically designed, offers efficient power and safety features that enable riders to have a superior ride.
  • It offers powerful safety features, including regenerative braking, tilt protection, speed alerts and battery drain alerts.
  • It features programmable LEDs on the front, rear and sides, which can be customized using the kingsoong app.


  • The King Song 14D is a delicate balance between range, speed and charging time. If you're looking for a wheel with more speed and range, you may want to consider other models.


Gotway Mten3 wins on tire size and weight:

  • While the King Song 14D is a very smooth ride the Gotway Mten3's 10-inch wheels are more agile than the King Song 14D's 14-inch wheels.
  • While both wheels have 800-watt motors, the 22-pound Gotway Mten3 is smaller and lighter than the 32-pound KingSong 14D.

The King Song 14D wins on other features:

  • The King Song 14D handles potholes and rocks better than the Gotway Mten3.
  • The Kingsong 14D has a built-in trolley handle for getting around, something the Mten3 lacks.
  • The KS14D handle has a built-in termination switch that is more convenient than the Mten3.

The Mten3 is great fun and kids love the Mten3, but those looking for the stability of slightly larger wheels while still trying to maintain portability will find that the Kingsong 14D can do just that.

If you don't need a super fast EUC and just want to meet your daily travel needs, then the KS 14D is the perfect wheel for you.