Why Choose Kingsong?

Are you a direct manufacturer?
Yes, we are an eight-year-old and experienced manufacturer of electrical products.

Can you provide us with certificate verification?
Of course we can. Not only can we provide search sites and certificate serial numbers, but we can also assist you with certificate verification.

Are the materials you use safe?
Of course they are. We always stick to adopt safe materials with food-grade, non-toxic and free-phthalate. Absolutely complies with material safety indicators in all regions of the world.

How to Buy?

How do I buy kingsong electric unicycle?
Kingsong electric unicycles are sold exclusively on our website and at any of our authorized dealers worldwide.

How to use coupon code?
congratulations! First, please add the items you want to buy to the shopping cart. Second, start the checkout process, enter your coupon code into the box, and just click "Apply."

What's Guaranteed?

Free Return : 
Within 30 days after receiving the goods, if there is any quality problem, the customer enjoys a free exchange and a full refund policy.Unfortunately, without exception, kingsong cannot accept returns on used or damaged merchandise. For additional information, please see our returns policy. 

Free warranty: 
Motor, Controller board for 365 days from the item departure from factory .
Battery package for 183 days from the item departure from factory .

What's  Kingsong App?

What is the kingsong App?

The kingsong app works with your electric unicycle to give you a great riding experience. Use it to check your riding range, battery status, change your riding mode, and more.

How do I connect my electric unicycle to the app?

1.Download the Electric Unicycle App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
2.Open the Electric Unicycle App.
3.Turn on Bluetooth in your phone.
4.Bring your phone close to the Power Unicycle.
5.In the Electric Unicycle app, you will see an option to connect to your board.
6.Click on your board's serial number on the app.

What about Logistics?

I ordered more than one item, will they be in one package?
We will do our best to pack the product according to your requirements to ensure that all your items reach you at the same time. But if the products are overweight, they are packaged separately.

Do electric unicycles require a signature upon delivery?
Yes. This means that you or someone you trust needs to be present to receive the shipment. 
If you are not present to pick up your package, you will have several possible options.
Option 1: Do nothing. The carrier will attempt delivery the next day. The carrier will attempt delivery 3 times and then return the package to the post office.
Option 2: Contact UPS. They will help find where the package is stored. You will be able to pick up the package from the carrier before the next delivery attempt. You will need a government-issued ID and tracking information to pick up your package.

Is my electric unicycle stuck in transit?
If your package has not moved in transit for 7 days, please contact us and we will initiate a tracking investigation with UPS .

My electric unicycle says it was delivered, but I can’t find it?
If your package shows as delivered but cannot be found, check around the residence and contact a neighbor or building manager. In most cases, lost packages are either delivered to the mailroom or picked up by a neighbor on behalf of the owner. If it is not found, please let us know about the misdelivery and we will initiate a tracking investigation with the carrier.

What about the Electric Unicycle?

What comes in the box?
The box includes an electric unicycle, a charger, a manual, a warranty card and a QC certificate.

Will electric unicycle Chargers work in my country? 
The charger for the electric unicycle complies with US regulations and is suitable for use in the United States. For other countries, an adapter may be required.

Do I need to charge my electric unicycle out of the box?
For safe transport, your electric unicycle is not fully charged. We recommend that you fully charge it before you start your first ride.

Can I overcharge my electric unicycle?
We do not recommend leaving your charger plugged in to the euc indefinitely and in principle it should not be left connected for more than 1 days.

What’s the best PSI for my electric unicycle?
35 PSI is best for the overall range, function, and life of your electric unicycle and tire. we generally recommend starting at somewhere around 35 psi for riders around 160 lbs.

How fast do electric unicycles go?
The KS 14D can reach a maximum speed of 18.6 mph and the KS 16S can reach a maximum speed of 21.7 mph, but the maximum speed will vary depending on the rider's weight, terrain, slope, tire pressure, etc. For driving safety please be sure to obey the board's speed warning.

What is the weight limit for electric unicycles?
We recommend a weight limit of 265 lbs (~120 kg) for riders on the KS14D and KS 16S. Theoretically, the larger the size of the electric unicycle, the greater the weight capacity. Of course, heavier riders may notice a decrease in range and climbing ability.

Are electric unicycles waterproof?
No. electric unicycles are water-resistant, not waterproof. They can withstand some moisture, but we recommend taking extra care when riding through puddles.

Can electric unicycles go off-road?
Yes, electric unicycles can go off-road and can tackle almost any terrain. But to get the best off-road experience, then suspension electric unicycle is a better choice,such as KS S18.

Can I electric unicycle in the cold?
Yes, but be aware that riding in colder temperatures can affect the performance of the euc. Leaving your circuit board in a constant low temperature could damage your battery and motor.

Can I modify my electric unicycle? 
We understand that it is the desire of every experienced rider to personalize his or her unicycle. However, we do not recommend modifying the internal components or construction of the euc. Also, many times modifications may result in damage to the euc and void the warranty policy. Any rider who wishes to personalize and customize needs to understand the possible consequences of modifying the euc.

How should I store my electric unicycle when I’m not using it? 
For long term storage of your electric unicycle, make sure to charge your motorized unicycle 30-50%. Store it in a dry environment. Check monthly to ensure that your battery level remains between 30-50%.

When should I service my electric unicycle?
There is no set time for servicing your electric unicycle; it depends on how much you ride, the terrain you ride on, and the difficulty of the ride.